Salvation Army work in Germany began in Stuttgart on 14 November 1886 through the persistent sale of the Swiss Kriegsruf (War Cry) by Staff-Captain Fritz Schaaf who, after being converted in New York, was stationed in Switzerland and could not resist the call to bring the message over the border into his fatherland.

The Salvation Army was first registered as a limited company in Berlin in 1897 and was recognised throughout Germany as a church and public corporation on 10 October 1967 by law in Nordrhein-Westfalen. It is recognised as a religious association with public rights in the states of Berlin, Hessen, Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Wrttemberg.


Youth programs are critical to breaking the poverty cycle. Research shows that a child who attends college is seven times more likely to move into the middle class.

The Salvation Army is striving to change generations by giving children from poverty-stricken environments the chance to get a start in life in a very different place than where their parents may have begun. We do this by focusing on three key areas:

  • Education
  • Talent Development
  • Recreation & Athletics

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Pathway of Hope

The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope initiative provides individualized services to families with children who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability that repeats generation after generation. It seeks to address the root causes of poverty in addition to The Army’s history of compassionate serving. By helping families overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education, we can lead families down a path toward increased stability and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.